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Alanna BlinnFlavour our version of the Travelling Wild West Show with one of the prettiest and for a fact the fastest woman on the planet to ever strap on a holster and a six shooter. You have no doubt heard about her and probably have seen or heard a story of two, but now you can have "Lil' Miss Annie Oakley" (Alanna Blinn) wow and impress your group with her skill as a gunfighter and then as a finale watch her lightening speed as Alanna does her trick shooting that has won her many world records. Her most recent world record made history in the traditional style of Fastdraw when she became the first and only woman ever to shoot in the .26's of 1 second , with a blazing shot of 0.268 of a second at 8 feet in 2003. This along with the many other records, titles and championships she has won, makes us proud to have her as part of our group. Alanna's success with this sport has brought her local and national coverage in all broadcast medias (CBC Sports, CBC Radio (As it Happens, Sounds like Canada), CTV- Mike Bullard Show, MuchMusic, National Post, Globe and Mail and every local newspaper and television station in the Calgary area.

The Gang

One Eyed Willie
Doc HollidayWe kick off our shows with the most notorious, hilarious gunfighter the Old West has ever seen, "One Eyed Willie"

Enjoy our "Doc Holliday" with his antics as he gets involved in shoot outs with the likes of the despicable "Ike Clanton"

Ike ClantonCurly Bill

Bullies like Ike had his back-up hired guns "Johnny Ringo & Curly Bill"

Preacher RandyPreacher JR And naturally you always had someone being a "do-gooder", preacher or gunslinger? In our case we're not sure. One minute they're marrying and the next minute they're burying.

"The Preachers"
Bible hideout gun

We really never know who's going to show up, but you can bet your boots you ain't having a gunfight without "Wild Bill Hickock".

Wild Bill Hickock

The west will never be the same again.

If you fancy this kind of a bang for your next special occasion, track us down and give us a holler, you can find us at the homestead at 587-800-1212 or try this new fangled pony express mail We will be happy to discuss entertainment needs working with you to develop a function you will never forget.

Remember that you can also hire us as a unique "Hands On" Fast Draw experience for your group or company.

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